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This expression covers the gamut of the products we create and personalize. The mainstay of our business is the custom engraving we provide to fit our customers needs. The main focus of our work seems to fall within a 12" x 24" work area that covers most customer requirements, but we are not limited to this size.

The materials that we typically work with are: 2-ply acrylics, meaning a surface color and core color, clear acrylics, coated metals (brass and aluminum), and stainless steel. We also provide a variety of the Windows text fonts, clipart images, and of course we can utilize your personal artwork and photos.

You will notice there are no prices listed within our site, we offer custom work to accommodate customer's needs. Please don't hesitate to request pricing for your special project!

Contact us for pricing and ordering information.

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Industrial | Commercial | Personalized | Name Badges | Plaques | Trophies

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